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Safety accident


Environmental accident

Current nature of River Ankobra after illegal miners have been spotted doing operation

It is sad to say that, after the government fought fiercely to stop the illegal mining activities on our river bodies, the river has still not been changed to natural stage after months of no mining.

The state of the river is very muddy and brown. Water should be something colourless but this river is something else.

This shows that, throughout the mining activities, the river was been super polluted. The river was even about to become a desert due to heavy loads of sand which is being poured inside each and everyday.

Below are some pictures of the current nature of the river. This large river is located in Wiawso.

This shows that the mining activities is still going on secretly in various parts of the country.

The pictures you see above were all captured in a helicopter by Peace FM. It is sad as a country to see these activities still going on.

People believe that there are no jobs in the country, and miners cannot also wait till they find work before they will eat. They therefore have no option than to mine illegally even if there are laws banning it.

Our water bodies needs to be preserved. It is one of gifts from nature.

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