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Do you know Ants keep cows and grow crops.

How surprised i was to know that some ants farm. Unbelievable! right?

As hardworking as they are, ants keep the equivalent of cows and grow crops to feed the colony.

Nature is so strange you ought to see it to believe it.Ants are like tiny farmers with their herd of cattle(Aphids) which they tend by finding good grazing pastures , milking them like human dairy farmers do and protecting them from predators. The relationship between the ants and aphids are basically mutual with the ants being somewhat domineering.

To keep their cattle in check, ants are known to bite off the wings of would be escapees and to eat up a few aphids here and there to control the population.

There are ants that also grow fungus to live on in their colonies. The process involved is much like that of a crop farmer who tills his land, fertilizes it and plants crop seeds, water and look after the plants till harvest.

Ants are such fascinating creatures such that there is so much we can learn from them.

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