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Woman Allows Crocodile To Release Its Juice On Her

The recklessness of the human race will be the doom of our world. Like I always say; even if God does not destroy the world, humans will eventually do it.

Occurrences on the daily show that our world is gradually going insane and losing direction. People are becoming more reckless, greedy, envious, superficial, and evil.

A post shared by popular musician Curtis also known as 50 cent on his Instagram page captured a bizarre scene of a lady who allowed a crocodile to release its juice on her in public.

It's believed that the woman is the caretaker of animals in the zoo. Comments under the musician's post were mixed with laughter, shock, confusion, and insults.

It's somehow degrading that human beings who are recognized as the dominant species in nature's hierarchy will lower themselves to the level of wing themselves to be used by animals. Not only was the scene degrading but life-threatening. Let's know what you think.

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