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Galamsey Fight: Are Big Men Behind The Galamsey

The fight against galamsey is not getting better because some big men are also involve in these galamsey activities across the country.

However, galamsey activities are still going on in the forest and the task force that have been asked to stop these people from mining, cannot do their work because some big men own these galamsey sites and are controlling the activities.

Meanwhile, the task force have been able to sack the small scale miners, burnt their excavators but cannot touch others galamsey miners who are still doing the mining despite the ban on illegal mining.

This is the situation that is making the fight against galamsey difficult and it's time to tell this big men who are behind doing galamsey that they are not above the laws of the ban against illegal mining.

Most of the water bodies have been polluted because of these galamsey activities and also the environment is been destroyed.

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The Galamsey


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