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Social media is on fire as trainer tells the Public that tigers are no more dangerous

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Readers can recall that few days ago, residents of an estate complained that a young Ghanaian 'billionaire' known as Freedom Jacob Caesar was creating problems in the neighborhood with his 'stinky' wild dogs. Readers can also reminisce that, in the wake of the many complaints, TV3 interviewed the young wealthy man and he explained that he invested more than a hundred thousand dollars on the tigers and was in talks with the appropriate authorities to complete some procedures. He spoke so well that many thought Ghanaians were highly excited about his good plans for tourist development.

In fact, not long after the interview, news broke out that the police had issued a statement and the tigers would be taken from him. In fact there have been several unverified information concerning these tigers but the true state of events was unveiled when the trainer was interviewed on Friday Evening and he enlightened journalists that the tigers were not dangerous at all because their claws were already taken from them. The trainer further debunked rumours that the tigers had a bad scent. He revealed that there is swimming pool for the tigers and they are bathed every three days. He asked the public not to believe any thing negative about these two tigers.

Well, social media has a way of responding to such news and we can not ignore this. One Akwasi Emmanuel said that the tigers were dangerous and must not be kept at home.

Kings Crispin also opined that the owner may belong to a party that is not in government. Donkor Patricia asked if the tigers were more dangerous than our politicians.

Happhia could not believe what the the trainer said and so asked if the tigers do not have teeth or instincts.

Well, we can only wish that the tigers are not harmful and we also hope that the right procedures required by the statutory authorities are already in place.

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