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Top five(5) Biggest Dams in the world. Akosombo dam is number three(3) on the list

There are several water storage dams in the world. These dams are purposely made to generate electricity. In today's article, let us look at the top five dams in the world in terms of how big it is.

#5. Guri Dam

This is the fifth biggest dam in the world. It is located in Venezuela. It has a storage capacity of 135 billion cubic meters of water. Since it was made to generate electricity, it provides 70% electricity to Venezuela. It it took 23 years to complete the construction of this huge dam in Venezuela.

#4. Daniel Johnson Dam

This Canada dam is number four on the the list of the biggest dams in the world. It took nine years to complete this dam in Canada. It provides electricity to many parts of the country. It has a storage of almost 140 billion cubic meters of water.

#3. Akosombo Dam

This is the biggest dam in Africa and also third in the world in terms of its water storage level. The source of its water is the Lake Volta which is also the biggest artificial lake in the world. It stores 144 billion cubic meters of water. It is located in Ghana in a popular town called Akosombo. It supplies majority of electricity to most part of the country and also to outside. It took only five years to complete such a huge dam.

#2. Bratsk Dam

This is number two on this list as the world's largest dam in the world. It stores 170 billion cubic meters of water. It is located in Russia and was constructed using 10 years.

#1. Kariba Dam

Venezuela is lucky to have such an amazing huge dam. It has the largest storage capacity of 185 billion cubic meters of water. It took just four years to build such a big dam. The dam is designed to avert a one in 10,000-year flood event.

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