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Use this plant to drive snakes away from your compound or farmland.

Snakes belong to the reptiles family. Some species of snakes carry dangerous venom which can kills a victim when bitten. As a precautionary measure, don't allow your compound or farm to become too bushy. These reptiles like to hide themselves in weeds and building blocks in your surroundings. It is advisable to stay away from poisonous snakes in a close range. They can spit venom into your eyes to blind you if the poisonous liquid is not washed immediately from your eyes.

Some snakes will secretly use your farm or compound as their hideout notwithstanding any precautionary measure that is strictly observed. With these stubborn snakes, you have to drive them away by planting some specific species of plant which every snakes fear to come closer to it. Some of these plants possess an unpleasant smell or deadly taste which drives these snakes away when they come closer to it.

If you want to drive snakes away from your compound or farm, use tobacco plant as a remedy. The botanical name of this plant is Nicotiana tabacum.

Plant some quantities of tobacco seeds in your farm or compound. The seed will germinate and grow into a full fledge tobacco plant. This plant carries a sharp taste and an unpleasant smell which drives snakes away when they encounter it. The special scent which emanates from the tobacco plant repels any snake from the area.

You must also understand that snakes like pepper. So plant some tobacco seeds around your pepper farm as well as inside the middle of the farm. When they smell the scent of the tobacco plant, they will never come closer to the area again.

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Nicotiana tabacum


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