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If you use a flushing toilet at home, do this to prevent snakes from entering your toilet

Snakes are very sleeky and smooth reptiles who can stretch themselves to any length they desire in order to reach their destination.

There have been a lot of of reports of snakes being found in water closets and sometimes people even falling victims to the bites of these snakes.

It is sometimes important to know how to keep your home safe from these rodents who risk our lives in search of their food.

Snakes mostly like cool places where mice which serve as their main prey usually exist and in order for them not to be notice they may pass through your drainage system.

Let is look at a few ways you can use to prevent these snakes from coming into your toilets and having any chance or biting anyone of your family.

1.Poor hot water with iodine or salt which is completely concentrated into your water closet atleast once a week.

This will prevent any snake from continuing its journey into your water closet or it might even be killed in the process.

2.Make a wire mesh between the water closet pipe to prevent it from continuing its journey any further, the wire mesh blocks its way and prevents it from moving up.

It will have no order option than to return or may even get trapped there, also ensure to use iron wire or stainless steel wire mesh which hardly rush else you will be working in vain.

3.Since snakes love eating mice avoid keeping your toilet in a dirty way which will attract mice and in turn attract snakes, clean your toilets every week and give them a good smell.

I think if you do any of these measures it will be very hard for any snake to make its way into your toilet and you’ll be safe.

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