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How old do you think this snake catcher is

Snakes are know to one of the dangerous animals. There are different types of snakes and with that the level of the danger they pose is different.

Meet Kali a native of India known to be a snake catcher.

He is very good at catching snakes, thou all he usually catches are small but on his next hunt, it was a different ballgame all together.

The skills Kali displayed in the game was Soo marvelous and not like a y other ever seen. He did all he has mastered and practiced to be able to lure the gaint snake.

He did his best to get hold of the snake but there came another challenge; to hold the snake in a position where it had no chance on throwing itself to bite some of the people at the scene

Kali was able to hold the snake by the neck with his bare hands without struggling.

To protect himself he removed the fangs of the gaint snake. Now the question is, how old do you think Kali is, and how many years of practice do one need to do same as Kali

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