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These animals kiss just like humans-why they kiss is different from humans.

1. Chimpanzees:

For chimpanzees, kissing is not used as a form of romance or intimacy, but it's rather used as a form of reconciliation. Researchers found that chimpanzees usually hugged or kissed after fights or struggles to show acceptance or reconciliation. Kissing was also found to be more common among males than in females.

2. Bonobos:

People confuse bonobos with chimpanzees, but you can easily distinguish between them since bonobos are much smaller than chimpanzees. The reason why bonobos kiss is similar to that of humans but it's not entirely the same. Bonobos use kissing to reassure their relationships with other members of society. But this is not surprising since we share about 98.7% of our DNA with them. Kirshenbaum also wrote in her book that bonobos use sex rather than aggression to resolve conflicts.

3. Prairie dogs:

yes, prairie dogs do kiss. They are quite fond of kissing and purposely kiss for 3 main reasons. They kiss each other as a form of greeting, the pups kiss their mothers for comfort, and they also use it as a means to identify one another. while they kiss, they push their front teeth against each other, this helps them to identify whether they belong to the same family.

4. Orangutans:

Orangutans are one of the few animals that kiss each other to show love towards their partners. Orangutans kiss each other when they are in love just like humans. They are the closest living relatives to humans according to scientists plus we humans also share at least 28 unique characteristics with orangutans so that also explains a lot doesn't it?

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