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A Baby Chimp Is Adopted After Her Mother Rejected Him

Researchers has discovered that Chimpanzees are genetically closest to humans, and in fact, chimpanzees share about 98.6% of our DNA. We share more of our DNA with chimpanzees than with monkeys or other group.

A human like Chimpanzees has been discovered at Spain. It is called Little Djibril born by Kika. According to the report, the mother of Baby chimps abandoned him for his appearance. So the Baby chimps survive on his own. Currently speaking, Baby chimps care much like human babies. He is always fed in a feeding bottle. This comes after the workers Malaga zoo in spain notice that, the mother of little Djibril don't breast feed her offspring. According to the workers, they have been given him feeding bottle food till they have find a new mother for Dijbril, a cuddly plush monkey to comfort him. Eva is The New adopted mother this little Dijbril.

Dijbril survival instinct pairs well with Eva. Eva took Dijbril under her wing to show protection and care. and a year after arriving at the park, Jibril is enjoying a new family. 

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