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The Only Country In The World Without A Single River

Saudi Arabia is a nation where there is no river at all. Sure, there are a few lakes here and there, underwater sources, and oasis in the desert, still it consumes double the amount of water consumed by any developing nation in the world.

The lack of rainfall means that there are no rivers, lakes, or natural vegetation regions. Saudi Arabians have long relied on oasis and later desalination facilities to supply their daily water needs.

Do you have an answer for me? Even though it is the world's largest country, Saudi Arabia lacks a river. There are no other countries that have both Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

As for Saudi Arabia's water supply, it relies on groundwater and water derived from desalination plants that remove salt from seawater. Wells, borewells, and other sources of groundwater can be found beneath the surface of the earth.

Saudi Arabia is the world's leading producer of desalinated water, which is produced from seawater. Desalination, on the other hand, is an extremely energy-intensive process that requires a lot of money.

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