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Galamsey Men Caught On Camera In A Heated Fight On Site

As we all know illegal mining popularly known as “galamsey” is one of the battles the Ghana government has tried it possible best to fight. There were many times we see police and military fighting illegal miners to stop operating due to the side effect it has on some part of the country.

We all know that illegal mining has destroy our waters and land and that is some of the reasons why the government is trying it best to fight it for the nation to have a good water to drink.

According to a video on social media, some illegal miners were caught on camera fighting for a reason known to themselves instead of hiding. This is because it is against the law of the country to operate illegal. According to the video, this men were seen exchanging words which lead to fight. One of the their colleagues push them into the water to continue fighting instead of separating them.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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