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Meet the man who fought a leopard with his bare hands

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How far will you go to protect your family? It's a question most people take it for granted when not face with any life and death situation that require an answer to this question. But a man identified as Rajagopal Naik, a native of Bendekere village in Karnataka’s Arasikere taluk, has given and demonstrated the answer by fighting and killing a Leopard that attacked him and his family with his bare hands.

The man was said to have been riding home with his family through a forest when the leopard made an attempt to attack them. The man not wanting any catastrophe on him and his family gathered the courage and confronted the wild beast as he went for it neck and ended it life with his bare hands.


This unbelievable event has shown that some people have the strength to fight a wild beast to save their lives and loved ones like what Samson did. And Rajagopal from Karnataka has done it.

Could you have done the same if it was you?  


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