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Tadpoles in our tap water. Ghanaian cries out.

A man on social media has decried the unsafe water he has running through his taps and has called on the Ghana Water Company to rectify the situation.

Opening his taps into a shallow plate, the water runs along with a mass of tadpoles swimming in it. He repeatedly empties and refills the bowl with the same result.

According to him, he has been paying his bills but unfortunately, tadpoles and other contaminants are what he has to deal with on a daily basis in recent times.

He has therefore, called on the Ghana water company to help rectify the situation so as not to cause the spread of diseases amongst the populace. He doesn't understand why treated water should come with tadpoles that are ordinarily supposed to be present in untreated streams, rivers and other water bodies.

Others have also complained of sediments appearing in their pipeborne water. The phenomenon of dirty and contaminated water through taps should be a cause of concern for the Ghana health service in order that we don't encounter any water borne diseases in the near future.

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