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Rich man who has white lions as pets puts his hand in their mouth but they refuse to bite (video)

The bond between that exists between humans and their pets is one that can be regarded as mutualistic. Most animal lovers around the world when different animals which they regard as their pets. Where as the commonest animals often used as pets are domestic animals, some people have reptiles, fishes, birds and even wild cats as their pets. Have you ever imagined getting up close to a lion or rubbing your hands through its fur? It is surly a dangerous thing for ordinary people to do and an exciting adventure for exotic animal lovers.

There is a video currently trending, of a rich Arabian man who has white lions as his pets. White lions are just like the normal lions we know, except for their peculiar white colour. Most people call them albino lions but their condition is actually know as Leucism, a condition caused by a recessive mutation in their genes, which gives them a whitish to blonde appearance.

Having exotic animals as pets is a practice that dates back to thousands of years ago. The practice is however discouraged in this modern day due to security issues for both pet owners and their neighbors. Although it is illegal in some countries, it is commonly practiced in some Asian countries like Qatar.

The rich man we are talking about here is the famous Sheikh Nawab Ke Shok of Dubai. He has profound taste for white lions pets and has a number of them in his home. He has a personal YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself playing with his big white cats. In this particular video which has been trending on social media, he is seen putting his bare hands in the mouth of one of his sharp canine cats.

Surprisingly, the lion does not bite him. It rather turns to protect Sheikh from one of the onlookers who was taking the video. It is a fascinating thing to watch.

Watch the video with the link below;

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