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Pictures Of Five Snakes in Ghana that are not poisonous

There are several dangerous reptiles in Ghana which can be found in various bushy areas. Most of them are being found in the jungle, or forest. There are over 70% of snakes in the world which are not poisonous. These snakes are somehow not easy to find. But those who are poisonous are those we easily see at the back of our houses, bushes and other places. Today let us look at some snakes in Ghana that are not poisonous but can only hurt you with their teeth.

Below are the top five snakes that are not poisonous.

1. Emerald Tree Boa

These snakes are not easily seen but are found in a very thick forest in Ghana. It is not poisonous, however they have a very large and big front teeth for biting. This can hurt you but not to kill you.

2.Garter Snake

This snake is often called the garden snake. This snake is harmless. They contain venoms that can however kill other animals but not that of humans.

3. Bullsnakes

These snakes are brownish in colour. They are not poisonous. They love to eat rat and mouse.

4.Rough Green Snake

As the name suggest, they are green in colour. They are not poisonous.


I know a lot of you will doubt this, but Pythons are not poisonous. They only hurt with their teeth.

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Emerald Tree Boa Ghana


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