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Myth Or Real?-Humans Encounter with Mermaids - See Pictures

Mermaids, those half-human, half-fish sea sirens, are mythical sea creatures that have been recorded in maritime cultures since the dawn of time. In The Odyssey, Homer, the ancient Greek epic poet, wrote about them. Mermaids were the wives of strong sea-dragons in ancient China, and they acted as trustworthy messengers between their husbands and the emperors on land.

But are mermaids real?

Mermaids have a long tradition in South Africa. It dates back millennia to the time when the Khoi-san ruled the African region. On the dividers, there are different compositions of half-human and half-fish creatures, implying that the possibility of mermaids was instilled in their way of life previously. Surprisingly, these creative works have been seen in the country's driest regions.

If the stories about the little goblin found in Japan's Tenshou-Kyousha Shrine are to be believed, it could be the world's oldest mermaid. This creature, according to legend, is 1,400 years old and once appeared to a local prince, claiming to have been a frequent fisherman cursed after fishing in protected waters. The mermaid is said to have requested that the prince build the shrine as a way to remind of his error, with the cursed corpse on display for all to see. This, on the other hand, is most certainly a memorabilia abomination.

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