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Driver saves stranded Python at Nsawam

Driver saves stranded Python at Nsawam

A snake has been saved from death this morning, by a driver who was using the Nsawam Kotoku road. Driver Ernest Aboagye, was driving from Nsawam to Kotoku this morning, over their faulty lights. A thunder strike that stroke the Kotoku community yesterday, took some session of the community out of lights, whiles others became grid to low currents. Director Ernest who watches over the Nsawam session of the grid, was called to access the problem when his electricians got to the spot. They went from village to village, inspecting the various transformers, and the several grid lines that transmitted power to the community to find where the problem started. The data they had, took them to smear viallge at Kotoku, when they parked and went into the bush to inspect the damage. The director came back to the parked car after inspecting the the damaged power lines, and was met with a 180cm in length python. 

The animal has walked from the bush to the car, and cemented itself on the driver side front wheel, whiles the car parked peacefully at the entrance to the forest. The animal who belongs to the Royal African Python clan, was in distressed state when the director found it crawling onto the front wheel drive, looking for entry into the engine. The Royal African Python, is an animal who was blessed with the name Royal Python when it was used by kings and queens, to scare away white intruders from their Kingdom. The python is a mammal who doesn't bite humans, but can be very dangerous if gets you. The animal only attacks when it is wounded, and does that to protect itself. 

Kings and Queens used it in the early 18's during the slave trade, to protect their assets. The animal is not poisons and cannot bite to kill, but can wrap you with its muscles and stretch you if you attack it. It is one of the peaceful animals belonging to the mammal clan, which is very tolerant. They eat eggs mostly, and small animals. They can live to a length of 195cm long and has the longest lifespan among the python group. Their teeth can bite, but cannot kill because of the lack of poison on them. They do not attack when they see humans, they see others as their kinds, and always goes near places of interest. 

The kings and queens were not killing them, but was sheltering them to protect their royal ornaments. The animal is one of the most preferred meat by snake eaters, since it lacks poison and has high quantity of meat in them. They are hunted for their meat, and their skin, which helps treats a lot of sickness. The director who came across the stranded animal, knew the animal was hurt when he saw the animal balled on the tyres, looking for a way to the engine. 

He tried going near it, but the wounded nature made the animal aggressive, and very responsive. He made attempts of reviving it, by giving it vibration from the car. The director sparked the engine of the car, and the vibration did woke it up, of an immediate danger. They cannot hear because of their dumb ears, and together with few electricians who knew the animal personally, they were able to save it without killing it. The animal was placed back to the forest when the director added some herbs to its wounds, after rescuing it. The animal when they placed him back to the bush to crawl back, came back to the car as the warm and affection the director gave it, was recognized by the royal python. They took him far away into the bush, over fear of someone killing it on the road, when it kept coming back to the road after placing it back on the forest entrance. 

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