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Meet The Man Who Owns The Biggest Python Snake in The World And Lives in a Three-Bed House

The name of this huge snake owner is Marcus who is an IT specialist, he owns one of the world's largest burmese python snake. When the snake was eight inches long in size, the father of two acquired the snake and saw the snake developed into the largest 18 feet burmese snake throughout the world and it weigh 110 kg.

Nine years ago he bought the python from the pet shop, although snakes are regarded as one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. The amazing thing is that he feeds the snake with mortal deer, rabbits, cattle, pigs and calves, which local farmers supplys to him on a daily basis.

Whenever his sons are at home with him, Marcus never bring out Hexxie (the name he gave to his snake). "With my boys around, i wouldn't bring her out. I would only carry it whenever am in bed or in another room, although i don't think it would harm them, but i have to be very careful." He said Marcus.

Marcus said, the snake almost attacked him sometimes when he tried to apply iodine to her skin infection. "Her mouth is filled with hundreds of guts like fish hooks. You can't pull your hand out if she's holding you, because all the teeth hook you in the wrong places."

Hexxie resides next to a smaller snake, Monty, and his dog named Shiloh, in a three-bedroom house.

Do you think it's wise to keep snake as a pet when you have family living together at home? Your opinion is important to us

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Hexxie Marcus Python Snake


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