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VIDEO: Young Guy In Trouble For Stealing A Fowl In His Own Vicinity

Stealing is one of the things detested by people in a community. It becomes very painful when someone uses days, months and years to feed and take care of his fowl only for a neighbour to use few seconds to steal it.

The guy in the white shirt was captured furiously beating the thief for stealing his fowl. According to him, the thief has been passing by their house all the time but they didn't suspect him he could be the one stealing their fowls. This is because they live in the same vicinity.

Their fowls have been missing all the time but all traces to found them prove futile until today. According to him, he caught this thief red-handed stealing the fowl in his hand. In view of that, he has to let the whole community know so that in case someone else fowls have been getting missing they can place all the charges on this thief.

The man was beating the thief mercilessly but none of the people was pleading on the young man behalf. They were rather laughing at the thief and the owner of the fowl. This is because the owner of the fowl was making a lot of mistakes in speaking the English Language.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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