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The Rich Woman Who Tried to Buy Beauty With Money With Plastic Surgeries, See What Happened to Her

Donatella Versace has always been known with her gorgeous couture clothes across the entertainment industry. You've probably heard of this person Versace mentioned a couple of times.

The name Versace is a clothing company that specialises in high-end textiles and is popular among the affluent. Donatella is a clothing designer, entrepreneur, and fashion model from Italy. She is said to be the younger sister of Giannis Versace, the owner of that same Versace apparel label.

Donatella acquired a 20% interest in the company after Giannis was assassinated in the 1990s. She then took over the Company and was responsible for transforming the industry's wealth and power forward.

Her current net worth is $400 million. During an attempt to fix problems, something she didn't have in the first situation, the fashionista has wrecked her formerly stunning facial structure with multiple plastic surgeries.

Donatella had recently undergone plenty of cosmetic treatments, including filler injections, Botox, liposuction, and skin laser surgery. She presently resembles a mere shadow of her previous beauty.

Her real motive of enhancing her body and facial structure is to make her look like a hot super model, but too much of everything may result in disaster. She now looks totally different and unrecognisable, despite her riches, it is very hard to revert her beauty back to how it was previously.

Do you think money can buy beauty? Let's hear your own opinion

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