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Dress Style


Checkout some fashion styles you can wear to occasions.

Fashion consist of many ways of unique vinaigrette, but sometimes you have to plan for it. Below you will find some of the various categories of fashion to help you get started.


Sports style, also called Athlexure, takes at athletic wear, such as leggings, bicycle shorts and oversized sweatshirts out of the gym and streets.


Also known as "Boho" or "Boho Chic", bohemian style of hippie aesthetics and culture of the Hippie festival of the 1960s. The style incorporates tones of land, natural tissues and dyes and Impressions and accessories from around the world. Boho style features flow from maximum dresses, long skirts, bell bottom pants, large lined hats, fringes, suede and Slouchy handbags.


Inspired by grunge music and sub-culture from Seattle's 80s and 90s, Grunge Fashion, The Store Savings Store Finds Like Check Plaid Shirts, Oversized Knits and Dresses Female corded amazing and extended. The grunge often seems to include torn jeans or tights, non-expensive hairstyles and black boots.


The Preppy style is inspired by the clothes and uniforms traditionally worn in Private East Coast schools and the colleges of the Ivy League. The Preppy style often takes inspiration from superior sports such as polo, sailing, tennis and horse riding. The preparations are known to wear polos, Oxford shirts, Argyle sweaters and socks, cloud-wound headbands, boat shoes, blazers, pearls, cardigans and Khaki pants.


Punk fashion is inspired by the Punk Rocker subversive styles of the 70s and 80s and includes many subcultures, each with its own style codes. Some global punk style elements include leather jackets, deconstructed blazers, torn fish stockings, skinny jeans and Chunky black boots. Provocante messaging, tape logos and customization with safety pins and patches are common themes in punk clothes. Punk grooming includes a heavy black eyeliner, mohawks, dyed hair and dotted hair.

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Athlexure Boho Chic


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