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Check Out The Before And After Of Sami Wilson; Woman Who Wears Tight belts for a Slim Waist.

Sami Wilson is from Georgia and started her small waist training in April 2019 after a rapid weight loss from a size 16 to 6. She now can put on a 00 and can comfortably fit her 21.5 inch waist into a 15 inch corset. Sami Wilson is a single mom and hopes to archieve a record for the smallest waist ever.

Due to her dream, she wishes to obtain a 14 inch waist and puts on her corset for 18 hours in a day. She is very motivated that she will archieve her dreams. Sami wison stated that 'Life is just so easy when you are skinny and pretty'.Sami Wilson wishes to obtain the record for the world's smallest waist from from the current champion; Catie Jung who has a fifteen inch waist. Sami hopes to archieve a 14 inch waist which is equal to the size of a baby's head to obtain the title. Just two years ago she used to weigh 198 pounds and wear a size 16 but she was miserable with physique and started her training for a small waist. She is a very determined lady will she archieve her dreams, let's wait and watch.

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