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How moringa removes sickness

Moringa is a plant that is called the drumstick tree and also a miracle tree. It has medical properties and contains many helpful compound. Vitamin A,B2,B3,B6,Vitamin 6,zinc ,iron .

Protection and nourishing skin and hair,Moringa seed oil is beneficial for protection hair against radical also contains protein,which means it is helpful in protection skin cell from damage.

Treating Edema.Edema is a painful condition where where fluid build up in specific tissues in the body.

Preventing The liver against damage used cause by anti-terculer drugs.

Preventing treating cancer. Moringa extract contains properties that might help cancer developing.

Treating Stomach complaints. Moringa extract might help treat some stomach disorder,such as constipation.

Fighting against bacterial disease. Due to it artibacteria antifungal,antimicrobial properties,Moringa extract might combat infections cause by salmonella.

Treating asthma. Moringa may help some asthma attack and protect against bronchial construction.

Not for pregnant woman. This how we use the moringa leaf,wash the moringa leaf ,put in a bow live it in a sun two days or three days. Let the moringa leaf dry,grind the moringa leaf until it will turn powder. Mix it with hot water,use for your own tea morning and nite

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