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Ghanaian women missing in the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women?

Africa is a continent blessed with over 50 independent countries. There are women in Africa with different shapes, sizes, curves and beautiful skins. In this article, you will get to know the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women.

10. Zambia

Let us take this moment to appreciate the beautiful ladies of Zambia. They are beautiful, elegant, good looking and friendly women all the way from Zambia in East Africa. They make about 49% of their population and they have an impressive national football team.

9. Cape Verde

These island beauties are very gorgeous, simple and lovely. Sarah Martin is one of the Cape Verdians that has brought more attention to her quiet country. Cape Verdian women make up fifty point four percent of the population. And they have a special dance called 'shake shake shake your body'. Island queens shake your body.

8. Senegal

Let's talk about these French speaking beauties that have rich dark skins. They also have a wonderful assets. Senegalese are actually the pioneers and they make up fifty point four percent of the nation's population.

7. South Africa

Fifty percent of the South Africa population is made up of South Africans. These ladies are so pretty and they are mostly so curvy. An important fact is that miss universe was won by a South African.

6. Kenya

Kenyan women are the goddesses of natural hair. They enjoy being make up free all the time. Their beauty presence is so strong and powerful and they are very cool and gentle spoken ladies. Kenyan women make up fifty point one percent of their population.

5. Nigeria

Nigerian women are very adorable and incredibly confident. Nigerian women love to party. From birthday parties to all sorts of celebrations. Nigerian women are extremely fashionable and they love to dance especially "shaku shaku".

4. The Democratic Republic of Congo

Let's talk about our Congolese women. They can twist and wine their beautiful and curvy waist. They are very beautiful in nature. They are very cool and gentle. You don't normally hear anything about them. They are good lovers.

3. Sudan

And now to our Sudanese black Queens. They make up forty nine point six percent of their population. Sudan has a lot of world class models. They have graced the international runway from beautiful to most beautiful with their rich black skin, that inspires millions of girls all over the world to accept their uniqueness.

2. Ethiopia

Ethiopian women are just amazing and beautiful. Their smile is like the sun. They have an adorable assets and they are so fashionable and they enjoy using make ups. Fifty point two percent of the Ethiopian population is made up of Ethiopian women.

1. Somalia

The beautiful Somalian women are so gorgeous and soft speakers. And they really love social media a lot. Somalian women are tic tok. They are very beautiful and curvy in nature. Though the country is poor but this does not affect the beauty of their women.

These are the rankings. Rankings may differ from the eye perspective of everyone since these are personal rankings. If you think a country should have made it in the list, drop that country. This is to promote the African continent since the media will not show anything like this.

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