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Meet Nyakim The Guinness World Record Darkest Model Who Has Been Bleaching Her Skin - (Photos)

One remarkable thing about Africa is the possession of dark skin. According to a lot of researches made by scientists, it is known that African has in abundance of melanin in the skin thus making it very suitable for sunlight. Have you ever seen the darkest African woman? If you no, then you need not to worry. An African model known as Nyakim has caused a lot of surprises on the internet with her dark skin. A lot of people have been doubting how a woman could be dark like that. In this article, I will bring you some adorable photos of Nyakim that will surely make your day.

Nyakim Gatwech who has the nickname " Queen of the Dark" is a Sudanese model and brand ambassador who was born in Ethiopia. Nyakim and her migrated to the United States of America due conflicts which happened in Ethiopia. She had all her educations at Minneapolis in America. Nyakim Gatwech gained confidence and blossoming, realizing her true beauty at the High School. Nyakim has been bleaching her skin but her skin doesn't react with these bleaching lotions. She has now modified herself into a professional model who has been seen in a lot of catwalk fashion shows in America. Nyakim is recognized by Guinness World Record as the darkest model in the world.

Checkout some stunning photos of Nyakim Gatwech;

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