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Why you still don't have white teeth - Read possible solutions

We all want white teeth and love to admire people with sparkle White teeth especially when they laugh. But the issue is how do we get our teeth to whiten up in the best possible natural way as we want them to, without coursing further damage to it.

   Perhaps it is as a result of certain activities we indulged in with or without our knowledge, which may result on we coloring our teeth.

If you are battling with this kind of issue or just wish to make your teeth more white than it is in the healthiest way possible after trying different products on the market, then you will have to continued reading. 

However, am first and foremost going to talk about the things you unintentionally or intentionally do that results in you not getting the white teeth you want to have. 

firstly, Smoking. You don't smoke and expect to have the brightest of teeth. Come on, the act itself is unhealthy to your entire body. Look, even if your teeth colour is not that bad and you are aiming for a brighter tooth, you can just quit and start your journey getting the white teeth you so much deserved. I know it is not that easy to stop but you make a change.

 Drinking. From my experience, all drunkards have disgusting tooth and bad breath. It's not that most don't brush up their teeth, the fact is, most beverage such as cola, coffee, wine etc. including alcohol has this thin layer of protein that permanent stack itself to your teeth and as you continue to drink without having good oral hygiene, they are going to form into teeth stain that Will give you a yellow tooth. Yeah.

* Irregular or improper brushing and floss

(Floss is the act of removing tiny food particles in between your teeth with a flossing rope)

Look ever since you woke up in the morning, you ate all manner of food that looks appetizing to You. If you don't brush appropriately or regularly and floss to remove all those tiny hidden food particles within your tooth, they are going to stain your teeth.

 So now that you know these activities that adds up to you coloured teeth, here are possible solution. 

1. Whitening gel. This is most recommend by dentist and I advise you visit the dentist before you use in case you have sensitive teeth. 

2. Laser whitening. This also did by the dentist with use of certain bleach. 

3.Black coal. It is the easiest and safest you can get. Even now there are black coal tooth paste that you can use,which helps in whitening of teeth as well.

Thank you for reading this article and hope you found it helpful. All your comments are welcome. 

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