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Do You Have These 2 Holes At Your Back? Check Out The Name And Meaning Of These Dimple-Like Holes…

We all have different bodies, but some people have characteristics that others don’t. Our body hides numerous surprises. And this is one of them. One of those unique characteristics are the holes on your lower back. Now, before you all start checking your back in the mirror, you should know that these beauty marks are more common on women. Nevertheless, there are some guys who have them too, and it doesn’t mean you’re feminine or something.

We often envy those with facial dimples, but did you know that's not the only thing raking up all the envy?

The name got me cringing but this is a good thing. Apollo or Venus holes are those 2 dimples-like holes at the lower back of person. The name comes from Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, as back dimples are often associated with beauty in women. Depending on which gender it appears on, it can be referred to as Apollo holes for men and Venus holes for women, it is formed on the lower region of the back. They are directly located over the buttocks, that is why many people also call them butt dimples. The venus holes are located just above the place where the pelvic bone connects to the spine, there are no muscles at that place thus forming these holes. These venus holes can be in different shapes and depths, and sometimes either fat or lean people can have them, as they may also not have any. People feel a little bit insecure about it but it’s a very fascinating feature.

People with these holes are sexually active. People who are bestowed with Venus or Apollo holes find it relatively easy to achieve an orgasm. This is because Venus holes facilitate good circulation and because of their strategic location around the pelvic area, climaxing becomes easy.

The bad news is, you cannot get these holes by exercising and workouts. Like all good things, it can disappear, that is, when you gain weight, fat fills these holes. It doesn’t mean you will lose your sexually active life or your orgasms, but it’s an indication you are putting on weight. However, losing weight can cause back dimples to become more prominent.

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