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Photos: This is pure talent from a young boy in kantamanto market.

Ghana is endowed with gifted young men and women who use their God-given abilities to create amazing things. Some young people have used their abilities to develop incredible things such as cars, bicycles that can be ridden on water, and other innovations that only serve to demonstrate how God has truly blessed this country.

And now, if you go to Kantamanto market in Accra, you'll find a young man who is utilising his God-given gift to change the way clothes are designed in Ghana.

His technique for creating designs on fabrics is incredible. If you are not told, you might think they were created in a factory somewhere before they were brought to the market, but you'd be surprised to find him doing the designs on his own on the street.

What he does is that he takes white clothes, such as shirts, and folds them in an extraordinary patterns, then pours various colours over them depending on the design he wants to produce, and finally unfolds the cloth to reveal these incredible designs.

People who witness him doing it are awestruck and compliment him on his skill and ingenuity.

There are many people on the street with hidden abilities like this young man who are ready to come out with them in order to benefit their society, but they are unable to do so due to a lack of resources, and they will remain with them forever.

It's past time for us to start providing opportunities for these gifted individuals to put what God has given them to good use in this country.

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