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Photos: Model Almost Got Herself Burnt Alive In The Name Of Photoshoots

What haven't seen on social media? The answer is simple. However, we still see new things every day. From crazy, weird, interesting, and mind-bursting things.

A model had a near-death experience while taking photoshoots for new projects. She was placed in between very dry tree leaves and branches.

To make the images extraordinary and captivating she opted for fire to be set in the dry leaves and branches to add some spark to the photos and we are all very well aware that it was a terrible idea considering how fast fire travels in dry leaves.

Either she was simply naive, reckless or she calculated that she can get out before the fire got serious but before she knew was nearly at her toes and almost got hold of her.

She quickly escaped saving her dear life. In the name of photoshoots and modeling, she almost lost her life but perhaps these are some of the hazards that come with the modeling occupation. 

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