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5 [Scientifically Proven] Benefits of Bathing with Warm Water

The feeling of the warmth you experience when u bathe with warm water on a cold morning. But is that feeling worth it? Read on to find out. Below are 5 benefits of bathing with warm water.

1. Promotes Better Sleep 

When our body is exposed to hot water, it feels relaxed and releases tension in the muscles, promoting a sense of calmness, which helps us get better sleep. This is why doctors and experts agree that insomnia patients should try hot water showers.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Hot water releases pressure in the blood vessels and arteries, causing blood to circulate freely. This enables the heart to pump blood at an easier rate. On that note, you wouldn't be wrong to say that it's also good for your heart. This is because your heart is usually faster and stronger when you're under a hot shower. You can treat it like a light exercise for your heart.

3. Reduces Stress

A hot shower can make you less tense, this is because hot water feels more soothing on your skin and releases the feel-good chemicals in your brain, making you feel better about yourself. it's also very effective against anxiety; people with anxiety often panic because they feel stressed out but as hot showers are good with dealing with stress, it can also help people deal with anxiety.

4. Deals with Headache

A headache is caused when the blood vessels in your head are narrowed and pressure exerts on those blood vessels. A hot shower can relieve pressure on certain blood vessels, causing them to neither stay narrowed nor cause pain. In simple words, bathing with hot water is a soothing way to relieve the pain in your head.

5. Good For Your Skin 

In many studies it has been found that bathing with hot water can wash the dirt and toxins from your body, open up the pores in your skin and cleanse the free radicals that could have taken refuge there. It also keeps the skin moist for a longer period of time, making sure it doesn't dry up quickly. Because of this, you don't get those cracks or breakages on your skin. In other words, a hot shower is your skin's moisturizer and dirt cleanser.

While bathing with warm water has its benefits, cold water too is loaded with its own benefits. Stay tuned for the other side of the coin to know which one to use when.

Thanks for reading and see you another time.

Content created and supplied by: InfoLab (via Opera News )


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