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Skin Care

Don’t Just Use Lemon To Remove Bad Scent: Add It To Bathing Water And Get These Amazing Benefits.

Since time immemorial, lemon is one home remedy we use to get rid of bad odor and smell. You will all agree with me that lemon has numerous health benefits when consumed or used in cooking. However, what if I told you that there are more amazing benefits you can get from lemon by just adding some drops of lemon juice to your bathing water or warm tub.

Lemon is highly rich in Vitamin C, which is a good source of boosting our immune system. A dash of lemon also enhances the taste of any food with its tangy flavour. But did you know that taking a bath with lemon juice or its peels on the water can do wonders on your skin? You don't have to maintain any strict skincare regime to have glowing skin if you follow this routine regularly. Mixing lime juice or peels with your bathing water can ward off different skin problems including body odor. Below are some amazing benefits and reasons why you should add lemon to your water for bathing.

To begin, It's good for oily skin.Oily skin can be a nuisance when it comes with several skin problems. Excess oil on the skin tends to catch dirt and dust, which cause clogged pores leading to numerous problems. If you are victim, then worry no more. Adding lemon to bathing water can save you from all these problems. Squeeze a lemon or two on your bathing water to take bath in it. The lemon in the water will normalise the skin and decrease the oil secretion. It will energize your body for the whole day. 

Moreover, this simple home remedy removes dark spots and patches. The citric acid in the lemon is powerful enough to remove all dark spots and patches on the skin. So, you can also use lemon drops with a small amount of water to apply it on the affected area. You can also mix the lemon with glycerin to apply it on the skin. Along with this, take the lemon-water bath regularly. You should not apply raw lemon on the skin, as this is only going to irritate the skin because of its acidic properties.

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