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Check The Reasons Why Our Media Platform Are Filled With Curvery Photos-Opinion

Afica is said to be a country blessed with many things, aside our minerals we are blessed with beautiful ladies.

Whenever you open your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and many more all what you will see is curvery photos.

Someone may ask that, what is curvery photos ?.

They are said to be photos that shows how a lady is blessed with huge backside and shapes, some ladies also get their shapes through surgery.

In this article I will like to share my opinion. about the reasons why our media is filled with curvery photos.

Without wasting much time let's take a look at the photo that I'm talking about below.

Upon my suggestions most of the ladies display their natural curves on their pages with the intention to become great influencers for ambassadorral deals in some companies to earn their living, for example Shugatiti and Hajia Bintu including many models became famous due to their modeling lifestyle.

Also, some of the curvery photos that are normally posted on the media platforms are from some of our blogger,influencers and many more in other to attract more followers and viewers in their pages or platforms.

Also, it is believed by some of our ladies that displaying their curvery photos online will help them to become famous on the media platforms this is so that, when it attract someone he or she may save it to theur gallery and also share it in that case it will make her to trend all over the social media platforms.

Another reason is that, some of the ladies that are blessed with huge curves are into the slayqueen businesses and in that case when they display their natural curves on the media it will enable them to attract costumers.

They above reasons are my opinion about why our media platforms is loaded with curvery photos, you can also drop your opinion at the comment section below.

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Content created and supplied by: Asaliwe (via Opera News )

Afica Hajia Bintu Shugatiti


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