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Beautiful 4c hairstyles you should definitely try out

4c hair has always been regarded as the 'difficult' hairstyle or the less favored hair type.This is mostly because of its texture and its kinkier nature. It's more difficult to style and maintain than the other hair types as well.

Because of this people with 4c hairstyles usually have gaps where they don't braid for a while, just to let the scalp and hair rest.However,the hair just can't be left on,unless it's to be styled for an afro.So here are some styles you can try, even at home;

This is probably the easiest and most comfortable of all the styles,just putting your hair up in a puff.It can stay for a week or 2 and is mostly easy to maintain.

These are called bantu knots,originating from the Zulu people in South Africa. It's a well known protective style in the black community, especially for 4c hair types.Some people also just use it to get curly hair overnight, usually for people with relaxed hair.

Also these puffs are very easy to do and very'out of the way' that is it's not in your face or falling all over the place.

These rubber hair band styles have also been trending recently on pinterest. It reduces or prevents breakage in natural hair.Care must be taken however when taking out the bands after styling because it could cause tearing.

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