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Check whether or not Ewes or Ashantis brought this kente to Ghana?

Whether or not Ashantis or Ewes brought kente to Ghana is one begging to be proven wrong and doubtful one. Whenever such an inquiry is raised, numerous suppositions are welcomed ready. While a segment of individuals say it is the Ashantis, others say it is the Ewes all things considered.

In this article, we will take a gander at the different sides of the story and see which individuals really brought kente to Ghana.

Kente is perhaps of the most exceptional, most costly and most appreciated texture many individuals know. One of the textures are own to different significant events like durbars, weddings, parties, naming service, graduations, and the preferences.

The starting points of the kente fabric goes back some years to cutting edge Ghana. While its creation is frequently credited to individuals of the Ashanti clan, it is claimed that the kente fabric was imagined by the Ewes, who later imparted the practice to the Ashantis.

In the Ewe language, the syllables "ke na te", depict the activity of winding around kente fabric, with "ke" meaning "open" and "te" meaning "press". The Ashanti public, in their local Akan and Ashanti lingos, rather allude to kente material as "nwentoma".

Taking a gander at it from the point of the Ashantis, the beginning of kente fabric is supposed to be followed to two ranchers from Bonwire town. History has it that, these two ranchers went hunting and ran over an insect (Ananse) turning a web. Alarmed by what they had seen, the two men returned home and exhibited what they had seen. They wove a material out of high contrast filaments from a raffia tree which they later introduced to Asantehene Nana Osei Tutu I.

The inquiry is; who created kente fabric in Ghana or which individuals brought kente to Ghana? Is it the Ewes or the Ashantis? Sympathetically share your considerations.

Thanks for your time.

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