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Skin Care

Treat Your Boils With this Simple But Effective Home Remedy

Boil is known medically as Skin Abscess. It is a painful, red, pus-filled bump that forms under the skin. Boils can appear anywhere on the body but their fertile grounds are the sweaty and hidden parts of the body such as the armpit, the neck, between the thighs and sometimes just further down your abdomen. The skin condition usually starts as a rash or lump and grows to maturity and can sometimes be painless but the majority are very painful. Do not try to drain a boil before it gets matured because to do so could push the infection deep down the skin and cause it to spread to other parts. To effectively deal with a boil, try warm compresses.

> Heat water and allow it to boil for three 3 minutes

> Ensure the water is not too hot to hurt

> Get a clean towel, dip it in the warm water

> Squeeze the water out of the towel and either place it on or press around the boil

> Repeat this process for at least 10 minutes for 3 sessions a day

The boil will either dissolve or show an opening for you to safely drain the pus. Applying heat around a boil helps increase blood circulation in the affected area and brings more white blood cells and antibodies to the area to fight the infection.

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Skin Abscess


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