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Skin Care

Healthy tips to strengthen your nails

Keeping your nails in a very neat condition should be a habit everyone must adopt. This article is going to throw more light on some tips to follow to maintain healthy and strong nails. The most important of these tips are;

1. Using the nail file correctly, so that the nails are filed straight and not using the twist method when filing them, so that the work is done from a 45-degree angle at the edges of the nail to prevent it from tearing. 

2. Cut the nails with special scissors, and if skin growths appear around the nails, nail scissors must also be used and not cut by the teeth to prevent the transfer of bacteria to that area. 

3. Take nutritional supplements for the diet, and these supplements must contain a group of vitamins, the most important of which are vitamins A, C, D, and E, in addition to taking nutritional supplements that contain the B complex vitamin. 

4. Food supplements that contain zinc, iron, calcium, and biotin should also be included, and these vitamins and minerals will not only affect the nails but also have an effect on the skin and hair, knowing that these nutritional supplements are taken when the diet lacks these vitamins.

5. Not using nail polish and nail remover on a daily basis.

Nail remover speeds up the appearance of wrinkles on the hands, because it contains alcohol, in addition to that it causes nails to break and make them brittle. It is best to use antibacterial soap when washing hands, and dry them immediately when you need to use a remover. nails

6. Do not use nails to open cans, as these things will cause nails to break. 

7. Wear gloves after applying the moisturizing cream to the hands at night, to keep the nails moisturized and prevent dryness, which will cause them to weaken. 

8. The use of products that contain natural materials and vitamins to strengthen the nails, and these products come in the form of a nail polish box so that the nails are coated with it to create a layer that protects the nails from the problems that may be exposed to them and thus makes them stronger. 

9. Moisturizing the hands daily more than once, especially after using water, and the area around the nails should be massaged with the moisturizing cream or the used oil in order to prevent the appearance of skin growths around the nails.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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