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Skin Care

Lady With Non-Uniform Skin Goes Viral After Getting Perfect Skin; Checkout How She Did It

Pigmentation just means coloring. Skin pigmentation disorders are disorders that affect the color of your skin. Your skin gets its color from a pigment which is called melanin. Special cells in the skin make melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production. Some pigmentation disorders affect just patches of skin. Others affect your entire body. There are sometimes that some people have some things on their bodies that tend to make them look awful. These people are not supposed to be hooted at or laughed at. It may not be their fault. However, when a person bleaches improperly, it can affect the skin and cause problems.

There are many people who are against the usage of make-up because it can be used to totally change a person's look. There is a viral video that captures the moment a young lady with multicolored skin, aka Plantain skin has gone from scary to a very pretty looking lady. She changes after she had applied make-up to her face.

Checkout the photos of the before and after, below;

Click below to watch video;




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