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Things to do to grow your hair and retain much length ...part 1

On this article, we are going to learn some of the things we are to do and what we are not to do in other to grow our hair and to also retain much length.

1. Do protective styles.

Let protective styles be your friend if you want to grow your hair and retain the length too.protective styling is a way of keeping your hair from harsh treatment; the heat from the sun, combing all the time, which makes you loss more hair on daily basis.

2. Proper detangeling.

When you do your protective styles,leave them in for long enough to see new growth; when you do this you hair normally mattes at the base where the braids to take care of the please do not go in straight with a comb, detangle the hair first. Finger detangle well enough before you use a wide toothed comb. If you do not do this you rip of Soo much hair that the new growth will be equal or even less than the one you loss then it means you are not going to retain any length.

3. Protect the hair with a silky material when you are not in protective styles.

It's very essential to protect the hair when not in protective styles. When we sleep we turn to rub our heads on our pillow or beds and this action causes breakage so the best way to reduce the breakage is to use silky materials like satin.Switching you pillow cases to satin ones seems a nice idea but it can also affect the skin on your face; oils get stacked onto the pillow which can cause acne on your face . The best option is to use a satin scurf or bonnet when going to bed. An extra benefit is the reduction of friz when using the hair bonnet.

4. Trimming of the ends.

It is advisable to trim the ends of the hair. Trimming the ends is not to make your hair grow but it is to help get the length we desire; when there is splits at the ends is when you have to get a trim, taking care of the splits prevents more splits upwards thereby protecting the hair. Trimming of the hair should not be a regular regime,it should only be done when there are split ends.

5. Proper washing of hair.

We all wash our hair but the time we spend on doing that varies which also tells how well we get our hair washed. Washing of the hair is to basically get rid of build up from the products we use and the oils produced by the hair. Build up occurs when the hair (scalp) produces some oils for itself to keep it on the good side and also from the products (creams, butters, oils, etc). Do not wash the hair regularly, the causes the hair to produce more oil which at times causes dandruff; this effect can also be caused be the use of harsh products (shampoos , conditioners, etc). Only wash your hair when it's dirty.

6. Deep conditioning

Conditioning of the hair is Soo helpful. This is because after the use of a relaxer ( in the case of relaxed hair - permed) and shampoos we use, the hair looses Soo much oils and it's kind of a sharp move from the initial state the hair was so the hair needs to be brought back to a normal state and de best way to do the is to deep condition the hair.

7. Scalp massage and oil treatment.

The follicles in the scalp controls hair growth and to support this mechanism do some scalp massages and oil treatments. The massage can be done without any oil and can oil be done with oil. Some oils are known to promote and stimulate hair growth, such are castor oil, Jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc there are a lot more. You can randomly massage your scalp when you are out and you can also do it by bringing your head down to let more blood flow to the head den you do the massage. Don't forget to oil The ends too...

Part 2 coming next...

Thanks for the reading.

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