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Between Akyem, Ada, Nzema And Krobo, Which Ethnic Group Has The Most Beautiful Women

Beauty is a combination of qualities such as, shape, color or form , that pleases the sight. In Ghana like everywhere in the world, women are all beautiful. But the beauty of the women of each ethnic group of ghana, is unique. Because of the difference in the origins , or ethnicity.

Indeed, each ethnic group has something special, that characterize the physical traits of its people. Today we are interested, in the beauty of the women of these four ethnic groups of Ghana. The Akyem, the Ada, the Nzema and the Krobo.Look at the photos of women from these four ethnic groups, and tell us , which ethnic group has the most beautiful women.

1- The Akyem

The Akyem people, is a people of the Akan group of ghana. It is a people who lives in the eastern part of Ghana. The Akyem people have the reputation for bravery , because of their history. They are divided into four groups. They Asante Akyem, the Akyem Abuakwa, the Akyem Kotoku and the Akyem Bosome. They speak the twi language and live from agriculture.

2- The Ada

The Ada people is a people of the Ga - Dangme group of Ghana. The Ada people occupy part of Greater Accra region. They live near the volta river. It is a people who generally devote themselves to fishing. The language spoken by the Ada is called Dangme.

3- The Nzema

The Nzema people is also a people of the Akan group of Ghana. They live in the south western part of Ghana. They speak the Nzema language. Agriculture is their main activity.

4- The Krobo

The Krobo people is another people of the Ga-dangme group. They live in the eastern region of Ghana. The Krobo are divided into two groups. The Yilo krobo and the Manya Krobo. They also speak the Ga-dangme language.

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