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My teeth is none of your business: Twene Jonas blast fan who questioned his yellow Teeth.

Over the years, teeth undergo wear and tear just like anything else. Whether it is chipping from trauma, wear from bruxism or stain from dietary factors, teeth can often appear less than perfect. For those patients unhappy with their smile, modern dentistry has many ways to restore that picture perfect smile.

For many individuals, having a great smile is a very important part of their overall appearance. Whether a person is in business, entertainment or sales, having a great smile can be vital in making a good impression. A fantastic smile is an accessory you always carry with you and patients are willing to pay a premium for it.

Twene Jonas has over the years been on the nerves of the leadership of Ghana on how bad they are running the country. In doing so, he sometimes uses unprintable words which many people have criticised. In his live videos, he mostly read the messages people are sending him along the live video. He was not happy because he said someone is asking him to do something about his brown teeth while doing the video. He further stated that his teeth is none of anyone's business.

There has been a recent boom in the production and sale of tooth whitening products . Do you think he should use some of his alleged riches he show on social media to do teeth whitening. Please comment below in the comments box.

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