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Meet The Clermont Twins Who Are Shaking The Net With Their Hot Photos

It is the dream of many mothers to have twins. Twin just look lovely. society loves and has a good place to these people. To all the twins in the world, you are really loved by us. This article will strengthen and bolden the strong desire of mother to get them. The Clermont twins, known separately as Shannon and Shannade Clermont are famous identical twins who have made it in the fashion industry. To help differentiate between the two as they look alike, Shannade has a tattoo that runs along right thigh. She also has a tattoo of rose of her chest. She went to Fashion Institute of Institute. For Shannon, people say she has a birthmark, she, unlike her sister, had her education at Parsons School of design. The twins have appeared in a couple of movies. They were born on 21th March, 1994 and 27 years old. They are full time models. Aside modelling, they are world class fashion designers and television personalities.

The twins are the last born of their parents. They have two older siblings, a sister and a brother. Their mother is a Jamaican who managed a daycare. Shannon and Shannade started modelling at the age of 14. Their good modelling skills won them some awards while growing up. Their aunt has an overwhelming interest in fashion and the twins picked it up from her. "It was our aunt that would bring us to fashion shows at a young age in New York. She made her own clothes, and we were fascinated by it," the twin shared. They then left their mother to leave with their aunt who is responsible for their flawless fashion skills. They had full ride scholarships for college in Georgia but they had had other plans. They studied strategic design.

They take their Instagram page seriously as that is where they do most of their modelling. Their Instagram account grew massively after modelling for Kanye West's clothing brand. Shannon and Shannade has 1700000 followers on Instagram and this has made them extremely famous that it has won them a lot of brand deals. To the ladies who want to study have to apply makeup, the twins usually post makeup tutorial videos on their account. There is nothing like their photos. They have got big chest and huge behinds. Their curves are the best there, the standard. These twins have it all, beauty, hotness, curves, backsides or chests. do enjoy looking at their photos below.

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