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6 Health Benefits Of Black Cherries

A staple of summer, black cherries are a type of stone fruit (aka drupe) born from the flowers of the Prunus serotina tree. While there are several varieties of these sweet cherries, the most common is Bing, which was first developed in Oregon by a pioneer grower who named it for one of his Chinese workmen.

As their name implies, these cherries are quite dark—their deep red skin almost verges on black when fully ripe. This pigment comes from health-protective compounds known as anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that research suggests may fend off certain chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Below are 6 health benefits of black cherry but before you read on please take a moment of your time to follow us to enable us bring you daily health tips and simple remedies.

1. Promotes Skin Health:

The high water content of black cherries hydrates your overall body, resulting in bright, vibrant, and clear skin.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties:

Anthocyanins in the black cherry act as natural pain killers and give you relief from joint-related disorders like Arthritis, Gout, etc.

3. Lowers Uric Acid:

Studies have shown that daily consumption of this wild black cherry juice can reduce the uric acid levels thus causing fewer pains.

4. Keeps Cancers At Bay:

Black Cherries are loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals that responsible for Cancers.

5. Improves Sleep Quality:

Both cherries and cherry juice contain natural melatonin, which can help you sleep better.

6. Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

Black cherry can effectively reduce the bad cholesterol content in the body.

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