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10 ways of looking handsome.

 Fashion is very broad and keeps on changing and news ideas troop in every now and then. No one can say he/ knows everything about fashion.

Therefore, there are ten new ideas I would like to share with men which will guide every man who would take his time to read these tips to look more handsome and stylish in his dress. Infact, you will look more solid as a man.

However, these are rules which can guide you to look more stylish and feel very solid as a man.

1. Iron Your Clothes

To perfect your fit, always make sure to iron. This will get rid of wrinkles which will make your cloth looking fresh and a lot nicer.

Having a well ironed clothes on, leaves you feeling easygoing and confident.

First impression goes a long way make you unadmirable, don’t allow a crumpled appearance indicate you don’t care enough.

2. Add New Clothes

It’s no secret having quite a number of clothes in the wardrobe help you feel comfortable.

Spare clothes makes you think creative and have many options to choose and wear from. Also, it will prevent you from impulse buying.

3. Wear The Right Colors

A pop of color gives a playful wardrobe experience.

Finding and wearing the right colors can help you feel good, look groomed and achieve a younger appearance..

Do a research and know which color best suits you whether it, cool, neutral or warm.

In addition, have a basic understanding about colors and how well you can blend it up. Mostly, two colors should be good.

4. Pick A Good Footwear

You do and feel better when your feet feels comfortable. Invest in good shoes which are of good brand and quality, this allows easy movement experience.

When shopping next for the office, school or any occasion, pick the one which is professional yet enjoyable to wear.

5. Classy Black Clothes

Black clothes matches up with everything, way simple to go yet fashionable.

Why you should have one or more black outfits ?

Gives you a flattering, classy look

Very simple and suits all occasions, hang or day out.

Black clothes are In fashion, and make everyone look timeless.

6. Different Style Of Denim Pieces

how to dress well as a manDenim Jacket


Denim jackets, Jean’s or shorts are beautiful. On a casual style day, you can never go wrong.

Having of a couple of denim pieces in your wardrobe is essential. Also, choose the right size and suitable style.

7. Have A Tailor

The need if having a tailor is worth it. You wouldn’t want to stop wearing an outfit because they big or need a little work.

One good reasons is they make your clothes look better and fit just right.

Furthermore, bespoke clothes are uniquely well designed and of high quality.

8. Wear Wristwatch / Bracelet

Jewelry makes you look creative and can highlight your boring outfit.

Dressing up well with a pair of watch or bracelet etc. Is a fun way of reintroducing yourself and switching up style.

9. Wear Comfortable Underwear

how to look good as a man

The best solution is wearing the perfect underwear. Your underwear gives you comforts and confident.

Cotton underwear are the best choice you should go by because they make your skin breathe

10. Have A Clean Appearance

Ideally, looking after your skin makes you appear good. Invest in few skin care products.

Above all, keep your beard, hair well shaved and wash your clothes regularly. Establish a good habit of also taking care of your nails as all this sum up to good looking.

Content created and supplied by: Redeemer1 (via Opera News )

Iron Your Clothes


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