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Do You Wash Your Clothes By Hand? Here Are Important Things To Note.

Different cultures around the world have different ways of cleaning their clothes; Talk of hand washing, hitting it against rocks or using the wooden hand machine. Modern inventions have brought up both the manual and electronic washing machines. These have made getting the laundry done very easy. As a result, a lot of people are opting for the machines especially the electronic ones.

In this part of the world where our electricity can't be trusted, we've to use indigenous methods. We can all agree that sometimes the washing machine is a bit disappointing because it doesn't get rid of all the stains and you'll have to go the manual way to make your clothes spotless. So it's a done deal that you just have to learn the indigenous methods. First impression always matters. We all know that people notice the state of clothes first when they meet us. So if you're not fortunate enough to own a washing machine, you ought to be a pro at washing. What if I told you I've an easy and systematic way to make your clothes sparkle?

In washing a shirt, here are the most important parts to concentrate on

• Collar

• Armpits

• Shoulder line

• Bottom hem

• Placket

• Lateral sides of the shirt

• Pockets

• The cuff/terminal part of the arms of the shirt

• And any visible stains.

If it's a dress, you consider the base, waistline and the above mentioned parts.

If it's a skirt, we consider the base, waist and any obvious stains.

Free advice: white clothes sparkle when soaked in blue dye after washing it. For stubborn stains on white clothes, use a reasonable amount of bleach to get rid of them. For best results, kindly wash your clothes for at least twice before rinsing them.

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