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Why people practiced tribal marks

The culture of tribal marks is a long standing practice. The practice is more aligned to African traditional practices.

The practice of tribal marks was for a very important reason in the olden days.

1.The basic reason for the practice of tribal marks was for IDENTIFICATION.

In the olden days when tribal and ethnic conflicts were rampant, tribal marks could help one to identify who was ones brother or sister and who was one's enemy.

2. As time went on, beautification was adopted as a reason for the practice of tribal marks. Young men and women would inscribe symbols such as Adidas, Nike, Love and others all in the name of fashion.

3. Other marks were as a result of traditional medicinal treatment such as convulsions.

The above reasons have outlived their importance. As a result, tribal marks should be abolished for the following reasons.

1. It mares the beauty of people. The marks are mostly done around the face, shoulders, around the navel and other places of the body. This destroys the natural beauty of an individual.

2. Tribal marks aids the transmission of diseases. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through the practice of tribal marks.

3. It also breeds disunity. When people are aligned to their tribes rather than being one people, it does not auger well for societal development.

4. With the introduction of Identity cards, tribal marks are no longer the best way to identify a person and therefore should be abolished.


By: jmahama

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )

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