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“See How Bobrisky Looked Before He Started Using Bleaching Creams And Makeup(Photos)

Bobrisky appears to be a popular name among Nigerians due to the cross-numerous dresser's controversies on social media. He has gained this level of popularity as a result of his contentious dressing habits and claims to be a woman when he is actually a man.

He beautifies his photos with Snapchat filters and also uses bleaching creams to lighten his skin. Others appear to be following in his footsteps, as more people are coming out as cross-dressers. 

Bobrisky's popularity has grown over the years, after he sparked controversy in 2016 when he posted some pictures of himself.

The popular cross-dresser has decided to disguise himself as a woman despite the fact that he is a man.

Bobrisky looked like this after he began using bleaching creams and other beauty products. 

Bobrisky's before and after photos are included below. 

While this is the appearance of Bobrisky before he began using bleaching creams and other beauty products. You can see how he appears in this photo.

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