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Shut DOWN all events this CHRISTMAS with these trendy African print styles.

At this point, even my articles should have gingered you to get new gowns and dresses, especially African print, ready for the holidays. I for one do not play with making statements at an event,mostly because I rarely go out so when I do my fit does all the talking. Very bold words coming from some random stranger on the internet but,what is life without a little spice right ?

My dear Kumericans will attest to the fact that these days there is no small wedding in town. Everybody is going all out to make a statement in their own way.Maybe you have already had your chance or it is not your turn yet but dress up as if you have been invited to such events. That was just by the way though.

Having long gowns with slits and flared shoulders or laced hands are always a win.Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and elegant and can be styled in many variations.

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African Kumericans


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