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Have you seen someone with a teardrop tattoo on the face? See what it means

People do things for a purpose but observers will just take it and do it. Many people have their own reasons for doing certain things and the meaning of certain things they put on their body but some people don't know.

The fact that someone will just do something and be drawing attention or collecting fans does not mean the person is doing it for granted or for fun.

Some people are kind-hearted so when they are doing something and people cheer at them, they don't want to be rude so have to respond back playfully or kindly and this makes some people think they are doing it for fun.

Some people have tattoos on their body and majority does that for attention, addiction, beauty and a whole lot but some do it to remember a passed event or somone they've lost.

Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

There are many kinds of tattoos people use and why they use it but we are tackling on the teardrop tattoo. It is a tattoo which is right under the eye.

This tattoo is not for fun at all, what it means is that ,the person who wears that tattoo has murdered someone either in jail or anywhere. It also means the person has lost a dear one to murder.

It also means the person has been given a lengthy prison sentence for a big crime most at times murder. Some gangsters also wear that type of tattoos to show their membership in a particular gang group.

But the meaning is that it pertains to any murder activities and is associated to prison sentence also. It's not for jokes but sometimes we see our popular artist with such tattoos, this means they have encounted the aboves.

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